Display the generated output of a LLM prompt


This component displays a translation of the text you pass through the text prop. With the stream prop, you can set whether the result should be displayed as a stream or once in full when generated. loadingElement lets you pass in a component to display when the summary is loading.


Pay only once

In this component results for a specific text are cached by the Polyfire API, so you only pay the costs of the LLM generation once per unique text generated.


  • prompt: A string that serves as the input or trigger for text generation.
  • stream: Optional boolean. When set to true, the component supports real-time data streaming.
  • loadingElement: Optional. A JSX element or string to display while the text generation is in progress.
  • Extends all the standard <div> element props, enabling the application of custom styles and other HTML attributes.
export interface TextGeneratedProps extends React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement> {
    prompt: string;
    stream?: boolean;
    loadingElement?: React.JSX.Element | string;


  prompt="Start of your story or content"
  loadingElement={<YourCustomLoadingSpinner />}
  // Additional props like className, style, etc.

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