⚑ A managed backend for AI apps. Call AI models from the frontend πŸͺΆ

Polyfire's goal is to make it possible to code every AI tool/Chatbot you could want in only a couple of lines of code in the frontend without the need for complex abstractions and having to deploy anything.

πŸ†• Getting Started

To get an overview of Polyfire follow this Basic Usage tutorial.

✨ Starter Guides

We also made a couple of tutorials you can use to get started with Polyfire:

πŸ“š Useful References

πŸ“« Contact us

We strive for feedback and want to understand everyone's needs, and you can hang out with us on Discord!

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Contributing

Polyfire is open-source! You can contribute to the Javascript SDK or the API by opening an issue or a PR!

What’s Next