OAuth Providers

For Polyfire to work client-side, you need to setup unique user sessions. That way, each user of your app will have a custom, rate-limited, API token and can use your app according to the restrictions you give them.

To do that you can use our login functions, from the auth module.

import React from 'react';  
import { usePolyfire } from 'polyfire-js/hooks';

function App() {  
  const { auth } = usePolyfire();
  const { login, status } = auth;
  if (status == 'loading') {
    return (
  } else if (status == 'authenticated') {
    return (
      <div>We already logged in!</div>
  } else if (status == 'unauthenticated') {
    return (
      <button onClick={() => login("github")}>Login With GitHub</button>
  } else {
    return <div />

export default App;

Linking pre-existing auth system

If you have Firebase Auth setup. Pass in your JWT as shown in that tutorial. If you want integrations to other auth providers:message us on our Discord.

You can also connect your own auth system by doing a custom auth.

Providers Available

The sign in providers available are GitHub, Google, Microsoft (Azure) and Firebase (passing your Firebase JWT).

Reach out on Discord if you want more.