Display the translation of a text


This component displays a translation of the text you pass through the text prop. The language prop sets the language to translate into. No need to follow a specific list of languages, "French" or "french" or "français" would all work. ("französisch" would probably even work if your text is originally in Spanish). loadingElement lets you pass in a component to display when the summary is loading.


Pay only once

In this component results for a specific text are cached by the Polyfire API, so you only pay the costs of the LLM generation once per unique text translated.


  • text: A string that represents the text to be translated.
  • language: A string specifying the language code into which the text should be translated.
  • loadingElement: Optional. A JSX element or string to be shown while the translation is loading.
  • Extends all the props of a standard <div> element, allowing for additional custom styles and attributes.
interface TextTranslatedProps extends React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement> {
    text: string;
    language: string;
    loadingElement?: React.JSX.Element | string;


  text="Your text to translate goes here"
  loadingElement={<YourCustomLoadingSpinner />}
  // Other props like className, style, etc. can be added here

What’s Next