Developer Console

The Developer Console is a key element of the Polyfire Backend API. It where you can see visually all the elements of your managed backend, including the various model usages, projects, billing, data and all the other metrics and variables you use through the API.

Overview of the Developer Console

The Polyfire Developer Console is at Most of the things you can do from the Console can also be done using the API, but the visual interface is much more enjoyable to keep track of you project, users, data and other API metrics.

The Dev Console is broken down in a few sections:

  1. Home: where you can init your project and access your configuration variables.
  2. Auth: where you can see the list of your users and define parameters like rate limits or payments.
  3. Models: where you can consult the list of models we support and see logs of their usage.
  4. Data: where you can see the embeddings you have created and stored, your key-value database and the variation data integrations of your app.
  5. Prompts: where you can see the various prompts you have saved and are using in your app.

Create an account

To create a Developer Account, simply go to the Developer Console and Sign Up With Github.

What’s Next