Display an image generated based on a prompt


This component lets you generate and display and image based on a specific prompt and model. It otherwise extends a simple <img /> element. You can set the model through the corresponding prop. Check our complete models list on your dashboard at / Models / List. loadingElement lets you set an element that will appear when the image is loading.


  • prompt: A string that serves as the input for the image generation process.
  • model: A string indicating the specific AI model to be used for generating the image.
  • loadingElement: Optional. A JSX element or string that is displayed while the image is being generated.
  • Extends all the standard <div> element props, allowing for additional custom styles and attributes.
interface ImageGeneratedProps extends React.HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement> {
    prompt: string;
    model: string;
    loadingElement?: React.JSX.Element | string;


  prompt="A description of the image to be generated"
  loadingElement={<YourCustomLoadingSpinner />}
  // Additional props like className, style, etc.